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When it comes to transporting your vehicle, you have two choices. You can choose that have your car shipped in an open trailers, which leaves your car partially or fully exposed to the environment and other outside elements. Or you could choose to have your car shipped in an enclosed trailer, which will protect your car more, however it can cost up to 50% more.

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Part of preparing cars for shipping is removing excess items from your vehicle, which includes racks for transporting bikes, luggage, skis, guns, or other equipment. This equipment can get in the way of vehicle shipping, and can also result in added weight, which will increase your transport costs and may cause your original quote to be invalidated. Your antennae, rear spoilers, grill covers, exterior spare tires, and all car covers are included in “non-permanent attachments,” so make sure to take those off too! Removing high or low hanging items like these ensures that simply driving your truck or car up or down a ramp won’t cause damage. You will also want to remove any non-permanent CD players, radios or stereos, car phones, garage door openers, and an EZ Pass, if you have one. If your truck has a canopy or a cap, make sure it is bolted to the truck. Otherwise, remove any non-permanent truck caps and canopies to lower your shipping weight if you can. The same goes for camper shells.

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Business permits and licenses are also a good indicator that the company is trustworthy. This is because people want to make sure that they are dealing with the best services in the industry. There are certain government certifications that they might look for in order to make sure that they are able to choose the best one for their automobiles. It is also a way to lessen the perceived risk on their part.

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There are numerous car transport companies that are in the marketplace nowadays. You can create an easy exploration on the net to obtain a record of such companies. Mainly of these companies will present you a free quotation. You can then contrast the quotes from a variety of companies and observe which one performs for you the most excellent. Also understand all the terms and conditions of the company that you choose before you go into any kind of contract with them.

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Pricing should not always be the deciding factor when choosing your auto shipper. You should make sure it is a reputable company and has sufficient experience behind it. Taking a quick look at the Better Business Bureau is a good start into looking at a companies track record, history and consumer issues and how they were handled. If it means paying slightly higher auto shipping rates to go with a company with better ratings and reviews, you will probably be more satisfied with your service then simply just going with the lowest price.